The Dangers of a Safari Holiday

Published: 31st May 2011
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Luxury safari holidays may sound like they are exciting, fun, and even romantic holidays. You'll get to see things you've never seen before, and experience viewing several animals up close and personal. However, taking a safari holiday is something that you have to be very careful about, since there are dangers involved. The good news is that you are careful and aware of what the dangers might be, and how best to combat them, you should be able to have an enjoyable holiday. Here are some of the biggest dangers involved with luxury safari holidays that you should be aware of:

Going off on your own

When taking a safari holiday, you will have a knowledgeable guide that will be able to lead you through the area and give you information about what you are seeing. However, it is imperative that you go not go wandering off on your own. The guide will know where dangerous animals or areas of terrain might be, but you don't. Listen to anything that your guide says, and if they tell you to do something make sure that you do it.

Not researching your company

This is especially true if you are taking a Jeep safari tour. The terrain can get very rough, and driving can be dangerous. When looking into who you use for your safari, make sure you go through a company that has experienced drivers, and cars that are equipped with safety precautions such as seat belts. People that have gone through a company that was not well known have lost their lives due to automobile accidents on the safari.

Keeping your money in an open place

While this may not be as much of an issue while you are actually out on the safari, while you travel through Africa or go anywhere else on the trip you want to make sure your money is in a secure, safe place on your person. Unfortunately, pickpockets love to prey on tourists, who can sometimes be oblivious to the dangers. Just keep a good eye on your stuff and take some extra precautions to keep it safe.

Provoking the animals

While on a safari you will see a variety of wild animals, and keep in mind that these creatures and exactly that - wild. You are a visitor to their land, and if you do anything to provoke or disturb them, they will defend their place and their kin. So be respectful to the animals and don't do anything that might upset them. Stay in your vehicle at all times to avoid any dangerous situations. As always, make sure you listen to your guide and do what they say if you are in the position where you are facing off with a dangerous animal.

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