The Dangers Of Travelling Alone

Published: 31st May 2011
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Traveling alone in another country or even another state is often difficult without someone available to guide you along your path. Escorted tours give travellers a planned itinerary and guide tourists to safe locations within a city. Other travellers are also present on the tours so that you are not alone while traveling. Many popular tourism areas have numerous tours that keep travellers entertained and occupied.

Escorted tours are available in most popular tourism locations in the United States, Europe and Asia. In the United States and the UK, double decker bus tours are popular. Tourists will pay one fee to board the bus. A well informed tour guide will then provide commentary and titbits of information about the points of interest in the city as the bus drives by. Some escorted tours will stop at key locations to allow visitors to experience the place of interest rather than viewing it from a distance. These tours often cost more and require one full day or more to complete.

In the United States, double decker bus tours may be found in San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. Other cities may also tour with these buses, but these are the most popular cities. In Europe, the tours are primarily located in London and may be found in other European cities. The United States also offers the ever-popular Duck Tours in locations where tourists are interested in viewing the city from water and land. Boston, Chicago and other beach areas provide these amphibious vehicles for touring pleasure. In Chicago, the architecture is the focal point of the tour.

Walking tours are another popular form of escorted tours all over the world. Many cities are walkable and are conducive to this type of tour. In the United States, nearly every major city hosts a walking tour: Chicago, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and numerous others. European cities in France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Australia and countless others host walking tours. Guests must ensure that they are up for the challenge when signing up for the tour. For instance, in Paris, guests may view the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, nearby shopping area and possibly the Seine River on a walking tour. This allows guests to explore a variety of attractions in a group that is safe. Tourists often form bonds during the trip as well.

In general, escorted tours are a wise way to travel. These tours often offer discounted tickets to attractions and you do not have to worry about navigating an unknown area. Escorted tours ensure that you arrive at your location and preserve fuel. Nothing will put a damper on a vacation more than getting lost or an accident due to poor navigation.

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