Why Does Fashion Differ Around The Globe

Published: 11th May 2011
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Many people who are interested in designer clothing are curious to understand why fashion differs around the globe. What becomes the latest trend in the U.K. may not even hit the market in another part of the world. There are many reasons why the popularity of certain styles are chosen over others around the world. The origin of the designer, media influence and societal norms can all play a part in fashion differences.

Fashion Concepts Begin With The Designer

Any garment creation process begins in the mind of the fashion designer. If that clothing designer happens to be born in India or Norway, his or her designs may reflect some of the culture of that country. They may choose fabrics and colours that are inspired from their country or village. This cultural inspiration for garment design may not be appealing to everyone.

Media And Celebrity Influence

Fashion around the world can be greatly inspired by local media advertisement. Glossy magazines with beautiful models wearing designer clothing influence buyer choices. Every country has their own popular celebrities and stars. Celebrities are looked upon as people to emulate when it comes to clothing trends. What a famous celeb might be wearing in France can be very different to what is seen as hip fashion for the Japanese.

Culture And Society Norms Affect Fashion

Culture and what is considered suitable attire can differ greatly from region to region. Conservative cultures may frown upon wearing garments that show too much skin or too much of the female body. Free-wheeling democratic nations may use garments as a political statement and may find exposure of the body not as shocking. Another reason why designer clothing may reflect a certain style is whether that area of the world has a consumer base that is young or consists of older people.

Locale And Lifestyle Determines Clothing Choices

Popular clothing trends in one area of the world can be influenced by the local climate and typical lifestyles of those who live there. People who live in colder elevations that revolve around tourist attractions like skiing will not be as inclined to purchase clothing that is more suitable as beachwear in Jamaica. Urban or hip hop fashions don't fit in with a farming community. Small villages with little in the way of entertainment venues will probably not sell many formal gowns. Clothing choices will be more practical in simple communities.

There are so many different nationalities, cultures and tastes around the world. What people choose to wear in different parts of the globe can be influenced by all of these things. Every region of the world has its own norm. This makes the garment industry a true mixing bowl of fashion.

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